God is great and worthy of praise in-spite of all that is happening in the world today. At this time, we all must exercise a lot of patience as the majority of us are confined to our homes and have limited freedom to move around. And where can we go, since most business are closed, many jobs have been suspended and social gatherings have been restricted, all in an effort to reduce and stop the spread of COVID-19.

This disease that the world is dealing with today has regretfully taken many lives, causing many sufferings and pain and continues to greatly affect our livelihoods and the world’s economy. But if Believers look more carefully with our spiritual eyes, we would also see that we can greatly benefit spiritually during this trying times. Being partially compelled to confinement enables us to have MORE TIME: more time to pray, more time to read God’s Word and more time to sit at His feet to hear His voice. We have all been complaining that everything is moving so fast and that there isn’t enough time – that is, personal time with the Lord. Well, ALL HAVE NOW SLOWED DOWN SIGNIFICANTLY: what is our excuse now?

Are you setting time aside, during this confinement, to strengthen your relationship with the Lord? If not, you need to; we all need to. Although we have lost and are losing a lot on one hand due to this COVID-19 pandemic, on the other hand, most of us are blessed with the special gift of MORE TIME. Let us use this time wisely: let some of it be used to build our spiritual lives and our relationship with the Lord. Amen!

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